Daily WoDs

Our Elementary kids learned yet another new skill: Kettlebell Swings.  That’s right, those little 10lb ‘bells aren’t for the adults.  After learning how to do some ‘Russian’ swings (only up to eye level), they tackled a jumping version of Helen.  Kids need to spend lots of time jumping.  It is good for development of bone density and coordination and it is great for improving muscle strength without having to load with weight training.  We substituted 21 broad jumps for the 400m run and jumping pullups instead of kipping pullups.  The girls worked very hard and did very well with the swings.

The girls rocking pulups

The Preschoolers warmed up with animal walks to build up their coordination and balance.  They then worked on a triplet of running, pushups and box jumps.  Their workouts may not last real long, but the little kids sure do work hard during their workouts.

Still working on those rigid plank pushups.

And you just can’t beat the reward of watching kids enjoy fitness this much…