The 2010 CrossFit Games are right around the corner! If you plan on making the trip to Carson California to show your support we will be staying at the Double Tree using the CrossFit discount for the weekend. Book your room quick just in case.

As the regionals are ending, the top fifty men and women from around the world have been decided to compete for ultimate claim to worlds fittest!

If  you stop and think about the growth of the CrossFit Games over the last four years it is amazing to realize that in 2007 it started with 60 athletes in a barn in the middle of no-where and 7 weeks from now it will be at a professional stadium and streamed online.

Unknown events over the course of a weekend will determine the ultimate winners and as of now there is no guessing who will come out on top…

The Paleo Challenge is coming to an end on Friday May 28th! Be prepared for our after pictures during class times. Who has made the most changes, and what have they been eating for the last 8 weeks???

We have had an excellent week in the gym with both the Basics classes and CrossFit. Expect some minor changes as the summer months approach but know always that you are getting the best workouts possible!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! Scoreboards from Friday and Saturday are posted here. Rest up!