The MacDonalds are on a vacation to California for a week.  That means that the kids classes on Thursday and Saturday night are cancelled for this week.  But that doesn’t mean that the kids can’t still get in a great workout.  One of the benefits of Crossfit is that it can be done just about anywhere and you don’t have to have any equipment.  I will be posting a workout for both the elementary and preschool classes that the kids can do with their parents on Thursday and Saturday.  Take the opportunity to get active with your kids.  Even if you don’t do the posted workout, use this time to exercise with your child.  It is amazing how a shared workout can bring people together, even parents and kids.


Elementary Class: 

Warm up with 3 rounds of 10 burpees and 10 lateral hops over a sidewalk line.  The warm up isn’t for intensity, just to get you moving

WoD: Go for a run around your block, interval style.  Sprint from one light pole to the next at full speed.  Then recover as you walk to the next light pole.  As soon as you get there, sprint to the next light pole.  Repeat this for 8-10 minutes.  Spend the time walking home talking about good nutrition.

Preschool: At the park

Warm up: Go for a short jog, stopping every 30 seconds to do 3 burpees.

WoD:  Find a playground with a good size structure with a slide.  1 rep =  slide down, bear crawl back to stairs, rush back to slide.  Complete 3 repetitions, then rest for 1 minute and complete 3 more repetitions.  If your kid is up for it, do 3 repetitions a third time.

Have fun and enjoy what may be the last nice weekend of the summer.