Seriously I feel what we are doing should be controlled by the government, like opiates…. this stuff is just too good! There is such a sense of pride while looking at the record board lately, all of the performances are top notch! Today for example, we had nearly a dozen people with around 5 minute Fran times knock over a minute off… Thats huge!

The Forth Rubber Chicken has been announced on our Road to the Games page. This competition will determine who is going to Regionals on the CrossFit Fury Affiliate Team!

Basics Members: Tomorrow we offer barbell training that is required before you can move on to the CrossFit Class. This is additional training included in the CF-Prep class along with the basics workouts. If you are interested in attending CrossFit Classes one day, speak with us about the CF-Prep Membership.

Paleo Challenge Two is off to a much more aggressive start than the first. The food logs are excellent! We are seeing a good variety of vegetables, meats, fruits and nuts, along with well proportioned meals.

Did somebody cut you guys in on what works?…

We are trying to get  individual emails to you, watch for them. Sponsors this is also a good time to read through your sponsee’s logs.

Lastly if you don’t know about Beyond the Whiteboard listen up. Whether you are a Basics Member or CrossFit (soon we will post CF-Prep workouts) you can log your workouts and track your progress from day one! We as a gym have opted to cover this fee for you, so take advantage. Also the workouts are posted the night before so you can get a heads up if it helps you sleep…