Friday and Saturday April 16th and 17th will be the dates and is open to surrounding affiliates. CrossFit Fury and Michael Moseley from CrossFit North West Tucson have have collaborated for these workouts.

Please note that only Saturday’s workout will be on site. Feel free to participate from your gym on Friday. We will video our top performances, you can do the same.


The entire workout is 20 minutes long.  The first 12 minutes will be spent establishing your heavist possible Snatch and Clean and Jerk while completing as many muscle ups as possible. When the first 12 minutes is over, you will spend 3 minutes completing as many hand stand pushups as possible. At 15 minutes you will begin rowing on a C2 rower and pull as many calories as possible until the clock hits 20 minutes.

The Score will be:

(Sum of lifts)+(total # muscle ups x 7)+(total # of hspu x 12)+(calories x 2)= Total Score. The highest score wins.

Range of motion for HSPU is arms extended at top of 4inch plates, men touch head to floor, women to abmat. Full extension at bottom and support at top for muscle ups, full turnout is not required.


Start Time 9am

3 rds for time:

50 double unders-50m shuttle runs-50 lateral jumps over 45# plate

*shuttle runs are 10m x 5 per round


For Time:

20 OHS @ 135/85 -Run 200m hills-20 KBS 2pd-Run 200m hills

20 Thrusters @ 135/85-Run 200m hills- 20 KBS 2pd-Run 200m hills

20 SDHP @ 135/85-Run 200m hills-20 KBS 2pd-Run 200m hills


The top three ranking men and women from CrossFit Fury who are competing for the Affiliate team will represent us in Orange County on May 8th and 9th.

Scoring of the three workouts in relation to each other will be modeled after the 2009 Games where your points are based on your rank and lowest overall wins.