After another great competition and the stats are in. Here are the final standings with their placings in each of the following workouts: 20 min skills test- Jump, Sprint, Double under- The Hill Wod.

1st place overall Josh: 3rd-1st-1st

2nd  Ben: 1st-3rd-2nd

3rd  (TIE) Mike: 4th-4th-3rd

3rd (TIE) Brian:5th-2nd-4th

5th  Brandon: 2nd-5th-7th

6th Alfred: 6th-7th-5th

7th Vince: 7th-6th-6th

Women Standings

1st Overall Lisa: 1st-1st-3rd

2nd Leah: 3rd-2nd-1st

3rd Ariel: 4th-4th-2nd

4th Elissa: 2nd-6th-4th

5th Aimee: 6th-5th-5th

6th Carren: 8th-3rd-6th

As usual when we have a tie we immediately went to a tie breaker which was max rep burpees in 2 min with a jump and touch to 1ft over head. Unfortunately after the fact we realized the heights were not the same so we are redoing Mike and Brian’s tie breaker Monday morning at 6am. From there we will have our Affiliate team!

We were honored to have a great showing and support from Michael Moseley and CrossFit NorthWest Tucson this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out, showed their support for our cause!