Some truths are universal, like taxes are bad and death is a certainty.  Today, the elementary kids added to that list.  After finishing their WoD of 21-15-9 OHS and Burpees, Zolie said with complete seriousness, “Burpees are awful.”  I agreed and added that pretty much everyone else thinks the same thing.  They all did a great job of learning the OHS and showing consistency in their workout.  They ended with some tunnel tag.  Everyone looked like they had fun and got in a good workout.

The warm-up for both groups was some lateral hops over lines and bear crawls between lines.

Bear crawls and line hops

The elementary kids also learned how to deadlift with our newest gym additions: 10lb kettlebells.

Learning where the bottom of a deadlift is.

We try to keep things both fun and functional, so along with learning the deadlift, both groups also got a chance to work on their pulling strength.  Who doesn’t like a good game of Tug-o-war?

Pull Anthony, Pull!