Josh went looking for something more interesting than bicep curls and bench presses and found in August of 2008.  He did main site wods for over a year at Lifetime Fitness.  After trying for a few months to crossfit in his garage, he saw the light and came to Fury in September of ’09.  Josh plays hockey on Sunday nights and enjoys working with kids at work, the gym and at church.

Occupation: Pediatric Occupational Therapist
age: 33  Ht: 5’11”  Wt: 200
Snatch: 185 lb
Clean & Jerk: 225 lb
5K run: 21:06
1K Row: 3:17
2K Row: 7:00
Fran: 2:53
Helen: 8:21
Cindy: 24 rounds
Mary: 11.2 rounds
Diane: 5:06
Elizabeth: 5:30
Jackie: 7:24
Angie: 17:02
Murph (20lb vest): 38:16
Griff 11:54
Daniel: 16:00
Randy: 4:34