Ben was introduced to CrossFit by his cousin (a Charleston, SC firefighter) in September 2008. After a few months of doing main site WODs at the YMCA by himself, he joined CrossFit Fury in late December 2008. Ben was a member of last year’s affiliate team that competed in Aromas. His interests include: foam rolling, GTL, and all things Ohio State.

Occupation: Immigration Officer
Age: 26    Weight: 197   Height: 6’2”
Snatch: 177 lb
Clean & Jerk: 227 lb
Split Jerk: 270 lb
500m Row: 1:26
2K Row: 6:50
Fran: 3:32
Cindy: 26.5 rounds
Mary: 11.067 rounds
Grace: 2:26
Diane: 5:25
Elizabeth: 5:50
Jackie: 6:38
Nancy: 12:10
Murph: 32:26
Michael: 18:39
Daniel: 15:56
Randy: 4:00