Crossfit’s first fitness standard is that there are 10 general physical skills.  We try to train as many of those 10 as possible, but sometimes we focus on the fun ones: Strength, Stamina, Endurance and Power.  The kids got a chance to work on some of the other skills today.  We focused on Agility, Accuracy, Balance and Coordination.

Both groups worked on an egg carry through the agility ladder and speed hopping across dots.  The younger kids mixed in ring rows and the older kids did a forward roll to mix up their balance before speed hops.  It took a couple of times through, but they got better with practice and flew through it by the end.

Caedon's ring rows

Agility and Balance

The elementary kids also did a workout of 3 rounds: 5 shoulder presses, 10 push presses, and 15 situps.  They all did well, having just learned the push press.  Ethan won, but they all started to show some good coordination with new skills.  All that, and they ended with some Crossfit Animal Soccer.

Soccer in a Bear Crawl