We saw the new gym additions and knew they were perfect for the Crossfit Kids and Preschool class.  What could be more fun than playing with giant truck tires?

Daily Whiteboard

The preschoolers worked on the ‘jump’ portion of a burpee with the rest to come on Saturday.  Then they did a WoD of tire jumps and tire rolls.

Colton Works on his jump


The boys getting ready to "WoD"

The elementary kids learned how to do a shoulder press.  Later, we will learn how to do  push press and push jerk.  These kids are making big gains.

Start light and work on perfect form.

After 3 rounds of 200m run, 5 shoulder presses and 10 squats, we called an audible.  Instead of crossfit dodgeball, we put the tires to good use.  The kids had a blast getting dirty flipping, rolling and jumping onto tires.

“5 jumps” and a tire roll for time

Lets get rolling!

These kids are so much fun.

The kids had a blast playing with the tires, learning new skills and getting dirty.  We are working on progressions through basic Crossfit movements, but throwing in a ton of fun games in the process.