In a recent Crossfit Journal article titled “Optimized Post-Workout Nutrition for the CrossFit

Athlete” the new Rx’d Post Wod meal is??? A shake consisting of protein and carbs. Yes, really a shake.

This is because liquids are digested faster than solids. If taken at the right time (post-workout) the

protein and carbs can be used to replenish your energy and promote muscle growth. Post WOD the body is in high

need of raw materials to replenish itself and athletes can use this to their advantage. By including carbs in

the shake insulin levels will rise which increases uptake of nutrients into the cells and promotes protein

sytnthesis. Protein synthesis is neccessary for muscle growth. All of these factors make it more likely that

instead of just  simple “recovery”,  supercompensation may occur. While recovery is simply returning to a pre

-workout fitness level, supercompensation is needed for an increase in fitness.  Read more at