Saturday was Pirate Day for CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Fury. The kids came dressed as pirates and were excited to play the part.

"Pirate Day!"

The Preschool class started with the Treasure Run as a warm up, then worked on the Plank as their skill work. The WOD brought a fun obstacle course where the kids “walked the plank” along a balance beam then we finished with a fun time of rope swings over the “lava.”

Preschoolers getting ready to do their Treasure Race

Preschoolers going over the whiteboard with Mr. Josh

The Elementary class got warmed up with the Treasure Run then reviewed the skills they’ve learned so far, the squat, push-up, deadlift and the plank. Then, on to the WOD, an obstacle course with three stations where the kids had to show us their skills. Savannah, Megan and Toryn are all showing significant improvements in their squats and push-ups. Great job!

The pirates waiting for instructions

The elementary kids doing the Treasure Race

Toryn working on his squat

Megan hopping on the "rocks"

Savannah doing her deadlift

Toryn swinging over the paralettes

Savannah building her cannonball pile

Megan building her cannonball pile

Needless to say, we had a blast!