One of the goals of Crossfit Kids Fury is to constantly teach new skills and activities.  Today we worked on several.  Unfortunately, sometimes the trainers forget the camera, so we don’t have a lot of pictures to show how great all of you did.

Daily Workout

The preschool kids put together the skills to make a Burpee.  Yeah Burpees!  Then we worked on a box jump progression ending with a rope swing.  Caedon and Beau did a great job working on jumping with both feet and getting up to 13.5 inches.  Not bad for kids under 43 inches tall (that’s about 1/3 of their height).  They ended with some fun play with hockey sticks and goals.

The elementary kids leaned how to do “L” sits and plank holds.  It was nice to have so many kids that we had to break up into heats.  After that, they learned the deadlift.  We call it ‘angry gorilla back,’ but either way everyone progressed well and showed improvements.  Next was a 3 rounds of 10 box jumps, 10 deadlifts, and a 200m run.  All of the kids worked hard and showed good form on their deadlifts.  We ended with Crossfit Dodgeball.  There were penalties for getting hit or having your ball get caught.

Heads up kids, we will be talking about nutrition soon.  Being healthy and active is just as much about exercise as it is about how, and what, you eat.  Take a look at what we put together at our house this last week, a vegetable garden.  Meat, vegetables and healthy fat make up a good diet.

Having fun with veggies