When you finish a workout, after the clock stops, you lay on the floor gasping for breath.  These kids finish and ask for more.

The elementary kids did their longest workout to date.  It was a 10 minute AMRAP called Crossfit Baseball.  Each round was 10 squats, 10 shoulder presses, 10 burpees and 10 pullups, all separated by 25m sprints.  After battling through 10 minutes of hard work, these kids were exhausted, but they all wanted to get back onto the bars and work on more pullups.  We even had ‘Little Hendo,’ AKA Walker, show up and knock out almost all of the pullups as strict dead hangs.

These pullups were post-WoD

Baseball Burpees

The little ones worked on Burpees and some agility drills disguised as hopscotch.  You have never heard so much giggling during Burpees.  Then again, you thought they were work.

Burpees are so much fun

Mila showing some great hops