Daily WoDs

The preschoolers started with work on learning to jump rope, then completed a bean bag maze with running, jumping, tunnel crawls and high stepping.  We ended with a musical medicine ball game and lots of fun working out “Crossfit style”.

The Kids class started with some dynamic range relays and shuttle runs.

Ellyssa and Madisyn leading the way on high steps

Then we worked on reviewing (and teaching the new kids) the squat, deadlift, shoulder press and pushup.  Everyone did an “Angie” style WoD of 15 reps of each exercise for time.  We focused on good form and getting familiar with the movements.

Everyone's times

We ended with a new game: Rat Race.  It was a little confusing at first, but the kids had fun running around and moving heavy stuff.

On Saturday, everyone will get a chance to play on the bars and rings.  Lets get our kids doing some pullups!