CrossFit Fury is approaching upon its real tests to its claim of being a training center for competitive athletes. To be able to get people in better shape and look better is one thing, but to be the fittest in the world is another. Over the next few months our methods will be tested on a national and possible world level. To only qualify to the CrossFit Games means you are one of the fiftieth fittest people in the world and we are trying to represent for the men, women and a team.

It is important to remember that are gains have been made over the past year(s) of hard work. These last few weeks are meant for refinement, mental clarity and health. Keep attaining new P.R.’s and training with intensity-that should never stop- but similarly give your body the well needed rest it deserves.

Next Friday we leave for the SD/AZ sectionals where Britney and T.J. will qualify for regionals in May. Now we are looking to organize our Affiliate team and we will all be going to Orange County in May for Regionals. From there 4 men, 4 women and 8 teams will advance to the CrossFit Games.

Enjoy the Ride…