TJ Barber was introduced to CrossFit by his wife Britney and Peter Egyed a little over 2 years ago. The next thing he knew they were working out and training at their own gym, CrossFit Fury.   TJ’s only prior sports experience came from ATV motocross. Last year he competed in the Great Basin Regional Qualifiers and competed for the Affiliate Cup at the CrossFit Games. This year TJ will try again to make it to the Games as an individual competitor. Follow TJ as he represents CrossFit Fury at the SD/AZ Sectionals this weekend.

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Age: 24    Weight: 176   Height: 6 ft
Favorite WOD? Diane
Max Effort Snatch: 210 lb
Max Effort Clean/Jerk: 260 lb
Fran: 4:14
Max Pull-ups: 52
Filthy Fifty: 21:02
30 Muscle Ups: 3:47
800m run: 2:32
Back Squat: 335 lb
Dead Lift: 425 lb
Shoulder Press: 170 lb
Max Strict HSPU: 18
Cindy: 23 rds
Mary: 12 rds +5 +1
Kelly: 21:47
Jackie: 8:19
Diane: 4:45
Angie: 13:13
Elizabeth: 6:32