What an amazing weekend! We were thrilled to see the huge turnout for our first “Slightly Harder Saturday!” Everybody really went above and beyond and its funny to think about how far CrossFit and our fitness has come over the last 3 years. Seriously this time back then I would have been unable to type!

PALEO CHALLENGERS STAY FOCUSED! I know its tough on the weekends to stay with it and be good but here is the deal, there are a couple really focused people logging some great food. If you want a shot at winning you cant take any days off! Also maybe we can plan a little celebration for all your hard work at the end of this seven weeks… make that six weeks now. GET FOCUSED!

Also today while at the Farmer’s Market two things happened. One its growing! There were two other vender’s with him and it is exciting to see healthy lifestyles gaining momentum and two, Rob and I had a discussion about the difficulty of finding some quality grass fed meat. Nothing is for sure but looks like in the next few weeks we may have some local options! I will keep you updated.

Another week here we come!