Do not underestimate what your body can tolerate and achieve given a few basic needs. Proper and adequate nutrition, proper stimulus to make change, and then plenty of time to rest and recover. SLEEP!

Are you getting enough sleep? I know we are total kill joys! We tell you to workout 3-5 times a week. Then we tell you to eat only veggies, fruits and meats… what no nachos?? Now we gotta let you know how important your sleep time is. This is when your body is fixing all the damage we do and making it so you will come in and crush any previous numbers tomorrow.
IF you are not getting enough sleep you will: feel horrible, not perform to your best, risk injury/overtraining(serious stuff), store excess body fat (yep its true), and really just not be 100%. So lets make it our goal to reach that proverbial 8hr mark every night!

Stay focused

As of 9am Thursday Morning we are up to 18 kids signed up for the fun run. Two more freebies and then we will ask for a $10 cover. This is going to be a great event with and is serving as a non-official kick off to our CrossFit Kids program in February. The officially kick off has yet to be scheduled but will be a Saturday afternoon in the park consisting of a BBQ and lots of fun and games. We will get you an exact date ASAP.

Paleo Challengers keep up the great work. Expect to see your second or third response between now and the end of the week. We are wrapping up our second week and I am seeing some huge changes already in the gym! At the same time what the H### where you guys eating before?!?! PEACE.