Who needs to wait till the New Year to set PR’s and make themselves better. Here is Adriane setting new records on New Years Eve!

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!

Paleo Challenge: Start date is Monday Jan 4th, but we will give you until Wednesday to get signed up, pictures taken and to begin logging your food. If you look under the FB box to the right you will see a link to Google Groups, follow it and under Discussions create a post in which you will then log your food. Once you have started your thread simply reply to it each time to keep logging.

I have started one myself to provide and example but really you can run yours how ever you like. Just let us see what you are eating! Also lets use this opportunity to become more creative with what we eat by sharing ideas, recipes and questions.

Tips for eating Paleo:
1. Cook as much of your own food as you can or eat it raw. Also cook more then you will need for one sitting so that you can eat it again for a later meal.

2. When you are at the market shopping try to buy a new fruit or vegetable. Bring it home and search for recipes. I try to do this at least once a week, sometimes it turns out not so good but sometimes I find a new staple for my diet.

3. Do not keep junk food around the house. You will eat them sooner or later. Out of sight out of mind!

4. Try to plan ahead and be creative. Getting stuck in a rut of 3-4 different meals is very easy and makes everything less enjoyable.

5. Keep an emergency meal handy (ie jerky and trail mix) in case plans change last minute.

6. Learn to use spices. I cannot stress this enough!

7. Rather then completely cutting your self off from the foods that aren’t 100% Paleo, enjoy them in moderation. Salad dressings are a good example.

Also before Saturday please read through the Nutrition Page so we all have a base level of understanding.

Lastly here is a video that spells out what Paleo is and gives some good points. Please remember we are only concerned only with your health, not political or religious views.