Alright here it is: Everything will start at 5:05pm and the heats are listed below. There are 4 workouts and the scoreing will be exactly the same as 2009 Games. 1st place gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points 3rd gets 3 and so on. The winner at the end of the night will have the fewest points.

The workouts in general are as follows. The specific reps, rounds, weights and standards will be discussed at the start. Wod 1 Snatches and Wall balls. Wod 2: Three attempts at a 1 rep max lift. Wod 3: A run. Wod 4: Dead lifts and Air Squats.

Wod 1 will have a 15 minute cap. The heats are as follows.
Heat 1: Jess, Evan, Perham, Aaron, Sal, Alfred, Tim, Vince
Heat 2: Adriane, Kaila, Becca, Lisa, Kammie, Carren, Leah
Heat 3: Josh, Brian, Ben, Mike, Carl, Brandon, Kreed

At the conclusion of the run we will calculate current leaders and adjust the heats so that the top 6 men will be in the final heat.

Nutrition is going to be pretty important… duh! Personally I would suggest eating a nice variety of fruits and veggies (zone balanced) through the day with plenty of water. Try to have your last meal around 2pm and again personally I would pack some type of fruit from the unfavorable side of the Zone chart. Midjul dates, Bananas, and Yams are my competition carbs and there will be a small opportunity after Wod 1 for some refueling.