The Rubber Chicken Legacy lives on…. Ben retains the trophy until the next competition and Lisa is the new keeper. Congratulations to all who competed from our gym and around the state!


A few stats from the competition:
Top 3 Clean and Jerks for Men were Michael Mosely (CrossFit Northwest Tuscon) 260lbs, Marcus Neal (Fury) and Johnathon Kauffman (CrossFit Scottsdale) tied for second with 245.

For the Ladies our own Elissa Allen pulled 135. Second was tied between Jennifer Lawrence from Northwest Tucson and Lisa Covey (Fury) at 125lbs.

MVI_1010The Pullups were pretty tight at the top, Mosely again took first with 80, second was Nick Wakin with a close 78 and third with 75 was Bryon Maxwell.

Lisa Covey had 52 pullups, Aimee Berensci from LifeTime Fitness (guess they have pullup bars there?) got second with a whopping 47 and Lawrence came in with 45.

The third workout which was a 400m run, 30 burpees and 10 pushjerk/pushpress at 155/95 turned out to be quite the test… There was a range of about 7 minutes between the best times and the worst and honestly every second was spend with that barbell (or looking at it..)

On the mens side Mosely finished first in 3:40 Kauffman second at 4:06 and Ben Wegner (Fury) 4:39.
Lawrence crushed this workout in 5 minutes flat, Covey and Berensci rounded out the top three with 6:10 and 6:15 respectively.

It was an honor having such fine athletes competing at CrossFit Fury! Know that our doors are always open to each and every one of you. Big thanks to all the volunteers (judges!) your help was greatly appreciated and without you things would have not ran as smoothly as they did. Thanks to everyone who donated to help the Milender’s, it feels good to do what we can.

Thanks to all the hard working, selfless, top notch athletes!! We must all do our part to put AZ on the map, and remember we are now competing all over the world! REPRESENT