I know it has been a few weeks since the last nutrition post so hopefully now that the celebration of the Games are over we are all:

-Eating 4 to 5 meals a day that are fairly balanced (protein to carbs to fat)
-Eating mostly low glycemic carbohydrates (today we will talk about why!)
-Obviously treating ourselves once or twice a week with nice little(or not) cheat meal! SCORE!

Next we will be working on tinkering your specific meals to fit your goals, activity level and body composition. Also we will want to be developing some pattern of post workout meals that we try to eat within an hour and really like 10 to 20 minutes post workout.

If we wanna win, we gotta train eat and rest. Without those three we will never make it!
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So once apon a time the “authorities” in the field of exercise science, using all their knoweldge from a freshman level physics course developed the energy balance equation:
This makes some sense if we consider the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) but this idea lacks any consideration of metabolic process and most importantlyHORMONES!!

The fact is that the food we eat elicits hormonal responses that determine how energy is stored in the body (ie in the form of body fat). Basically, energy intake is not independent of energy expenditure, and the type of calories you eat does affect your energy output. Energy intake and energy expenditure are dependent variables. Sugar high-fructose corn syrup and easily digestible carbohydrates drive an insulin response and insulin drives fat storage. Dietary fat-or even calorie quantity- is not the main culprit at all.

The hormonal response to high-power activities includes testosterone and human growth hormone, but many others are involved. The intense work also causes more cellular damage (on a cellular level, exercise is a stressor-a debilitating process that forces the body to rebuild tissue and adapt), and there are important hormones involved in this rebuilding process. And your metabolism will stay elevated for much longer after a high power activity due to the action of the adrenal gland (epinephrine and norepinephrine). This factor is often overlooked in terms of the energy expended during and exercise session.

So in the end a calorie is not a calorie and a mile walked is not the same as a mile sprinted.

Just keep eating your fruits and vegetables, while laughing at those who count the calories of their bigmac and estimate the time on the treadmill it will take to “walk it off”

You guys kick ass and we are open to any questions. Email, txt or ask face to face. PEACE

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