Continuing on with Nutrition, Zone Blocks and Post Workout Recovery, I figure today is a good day since we have a rest day to continue this on in comments. So any questions ya better ask them.

BlackBoxZone Blocks:Simply a quantity of each macronutrient ( 1 block = 9g carbs, 7g protein and 1.5g fat) so if you eat 10 blocks a day that means you eat 10 blocks of carbs, protein and fat respectively. This is a cool way of keeping track of quantities and is by no means absolute truth! Think of them more as a starting point from which you will devise your exact quantities which meet your lifestyle and activity level the best. This will be something we will discuss personally or at least on the comments, and is really trial and error.

Post workout! A while back one of my biggest resources on nutrition Robb Wolf posted about PWO Nutrtion. It was basically to consume upwards of 25 percent of daily carb intake post workout with a small about of protein. The carb source was to be starchy or even sweet and roughly a 3:1 ratio of carb to protein. When I read that OPT followed this same rule in his training, I never looked back! I was killing some yams after killing a workout and I felt great! Now Robb has posted regarding Low Carb PWO and its potential to help lean you out more. Also if you didn’t know, low carb is also well known for greatly increasing longevity (if your interested simply search Robb’s website for more info there). In this article a protein and fat ONLY PWO meal is discussed which still provides nutrients for damaged tissue repair while managing insulin levels. Remember in a VERY simple, non academic sense Intake Carbs = Increase in Blood Sugar = Increase in Insulin Production = Chubbiness and poor Eva Times (much more technical then that but this works for right now).

One more thing to remember, shakes are cool guys but food is BETTER.
YOGA is on for this Sunday at 11am. Come on down get your workout in and get your stretch on!

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Justin, great job getting your first (7 or 8 ) muscle ups today. Excellent Job!