Ok here is the deal, we are new to this business thing but not to this fitness thing. We (I) assumed that because we mentioned zone or paleo here and there and had a few journal articles available when ever Leah would print them from work meant you guys were zoning like the best of us… Turns out that is not the case! TIME FOR SOME INTERVENTION

1st step:
Quality of food. We gots to get off the shitty carbs man! They are what bring us down, slow our times down and what make us chubby wubby! Here is your life line. It is CrossFit Journal issue #21 and its loaded with information that could throw Stephen Hawking for a loop. For now simply turn to page 3 & 4 and live by it! It is a list of good and bad foods with quantities. Lets not worry about the quantities for us newbies just yet but lets try to eat only items from the good side Monday through Friday or 3 outta 4 days whatever floats your boat. Shortly I will post regarding portions. Seriously if you guys get on this like I am asking it will EXPONENTIALLY increase your progress!

I know changing habits is WAY hard so here is where we start. Lets immediately start having a breakfast EVERYDAY that is purely from the good side. If each one of those quantities is a serving (a zone block) ladies have about 2 from protien, carbs, and fat, dudes 3 or 4 of each.

Let me here some thoughts and ideas in the comments. Who is on board, who wants more? If you guys wish we will print out those Good/Bad charts and get them laminated and have them at the gym for like $2. I have had the same one in my kitchen for the last 2 years! Seriously lets do this guys, I wanna build the biggest, baddest, sexiest gym in the WORLD!

Speaking of sexy, check out Mustache Mike with 2 poods over head! He and Elissa have been legit zoning for the past 2 weeks and I can already see the difference. Lets not let them get too big of a lead on us!

Turkish Get Up 090617

Since we are all fine tuning our diets (or at least poping the hood and taking a look) Lets talk about our little competition on 6/27. Obviously not everyone will win (actually only one dude and one chick will) but that is ABSOLUTELY no reason not to participate! We are doing our best to make it a blast and it is nice to do something a little different. I think I am begining to lean towards two events seperated by the 9am free class. So we will begin at 8am, break at 9, and start wod two at 10:30. The second wod will be something of our creation that will favor nobodies strengths to our knoweldge…. Seriously I encourage everyone to come on down, who knows you card may get drawn!
Hopper Deck 090617
It would really be cool to get some conversations going in the comments. You people with questions ask them, if you are already on the boat, share your experiences. If you want those charts printed and lamented say it and I will get it down tomorrow! Have a great night everyone and lets take a moment and think about WHATS FOR BREAKFAST!
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