Why do we recommend these diets?

1. Nutrition: Spaghetti, pasta, bread etc have little to no nutritional value what so ever. They are simply empty calories and more specifically a refined carbohydrate. This means there was some original product (wheat) which isnt exactly edible or nutritious and has undergone some mechanical process to make it edible and tasty. If your food is “fortified” with vitamins and minerals…. sounds like it wasnt really food to begin with!

2.Calories or Kilocalories (big C = 1000 little c calories) is simply a measure of the capacity to do biological work. Think organ processes, regulating body systems, tissue repair, and of course Clean & Jerks. All of these mechanically refined food stuffs are calorically dense but lacking in vitamins and minerals. So calorie counting while seemingly a good idea can leave you lacking in nutrition (big no no).

The reason our first step is to simply eat the right foods and not be so concerned about portions is how much energy(big C calorie) do you think your gonna get from broccoli and salmon?

Lets compare two different dinners using the USDA Nutrient Database

Dinner 1:                             Dinner 2: 
Spaghetti & MeatBalls (3 cups)        Broccoli (3 cups) & Salmon(5oz)
Energy 819 Calories                        402 Calorie
Carbohydrate 85g                           18g
Protein 31g                                43g
Fiber NA	                           7g	                         
Sugars 21g                                 4g

Calcium 92mg                               154mg
Iron 10mg                                  3.75mg
Magnesium 107mg                            120mg
Phosphorus 31mg                            615mg
Potassium 1079mg                           1934mg
Sodium 3106mg                              180mg
Zinc 4.59mg                                2.41mg

Vitamin C 0mg                              243mg                    
Riboflavin .6mg                            1.1mg
Niacin 15.1mg                              28mg
B-6 .5mg                                   2.1mg
Folate 153mcg                              221mcg
B-12 2.14mcg                               5.18mcg   
Vitamin A NA                               1776IU
Vitamin K 8.4mcg                           277mcg 

Fatty Acid Saturdated 15.1g 2g Fatty Acid Monounsaturdated 17g 4.5g Fatty Acid Polyunsaturdaed 2g 5.5g

Those Zone block charts will be lamenated and ready hopefully by the 10:30 class tomorrow. Anything else we can do to help you guys please please ask, that is what we are here for! In the end our success depends upon YOUR success, so lets SUCCEED TOGETHER!

Also on a selfish note, we need the baddest ass Affiliate team for the CrossFit Games 2010 and nutrition lays the molecular framework of any athlete. See the theoretical hierarchy of athletic development on our whiteboard in the gym.

One more thing we forgot the scoreboard picture so I will try to have it up in the morning. Have a good night and eat well!