Fish oil is one of the few (the only really) supplements CrossFit endorses besides eating meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. What follows is not scientific truth but theory. So take what you wish.

Fish oil is an incredible anti-inflammatory. All those little aches and pains you get from living an active life may be lessoned.

Fish oil plays a pretty important role in the cardiovascular system. It helps balance the levels of cholesterol and along with a proper diet your gonna be in good hands.

It increases your red blood cells ability to deliver oxygen to your tissues. Think about that next time your come flying in the door from a 400m run and are reaching to pick up the kettle bell…

There is talk about better brain function but between you and me I still rely on spell check and I have been taking the stuff for years!

There is alot of talk whether you need to shell out the big bucks for the pharmacutical grade oil or if Costco’s brand is legit. Personally we take Costco’s brand but I will leave the research up to you. As for quantity I have tried taking a few with EVERY meal but after a few weeks swear that I was radiating a slight smell of fish. Now its like one or two a day!

If you would like more information, simply perform and internet search on fish oil or epa and also search the CrossFit message board Nutrition forums. There are alot of good information there.


I was flabbergasted when Brady told me today that he had never seen THE “Nasty Girls” video. I was under the belief that this video is what converted every single person to CrossFit! Seriously though, ride this video out its ending may make you push just a little harder next time….

The high is supposed to be 97 degrees tomorrow which is still not that hot for us natives. The run is not mandatory but encouraged and there will of course be options. Also the idea of hill runs has been brought up in the evening, this time it might actually go through!

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