I know I talk about the families in the gym all the time and really we are all like one big family (except not as dysfunctional!). But it is awesome seeing you guys compete and cheer one another on.

Now for those of you who are leaving your family out of the fun… what is holding you back? Then again not everyone can take getting beat by their niece as well as Vince! Don’t worry bud, a few of us know whats really going on here.
5k 090615

Ok you really need to prepare yourself here
It has been a REALLY long time in the making
If your standing please sit
If your driving, what the hell are you doing on the internet!
NO SERIOUSLY CROSSFIT FURY FINALLY HAS T-SHIRTS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN IN VARYING SIZES!!! They are excellent quality, look sharp and great cuts (our way of making sure you are zoning your paleo foods). Check them out when you get a chance. They cost $20 get them while they last, Im taking two!
CrossFit Fury Shirts 090615
I was wearing mine today while picking up a six pack of Guinness (rest day right!) and was stopped by a dude asking me about CrossFit. That is definitely a good sign!


Yo everyone who ran today besides us sissy’s who ran in the 6am class rock! Seriously you guys are what dreams are made of. Now to everyone in the 6am class, we must be taking our fish oil cause those fools running in the heat are DUMBA$$ES!
REST DAY DISCUSSION: Post your rest day treat or drink of choice. Mine is Guinness Stout and Hamburgers (no bun).