It is absolutely amazing how deep people can dig and what they can push themselves through when the HEAT is on. Everybody did AMAZING today and the amount of personal records set is inspiring!

Though the event is over, and its time to relax lets not waste this opportunity to make HUGE improvements. Take a moment and think about what item(s) you would have least like to have seen drawn from the hopper deck… got one? Now that is what needs to be focused on more then anything else if you wish to win the next challenge. Improving that will make the biggest changes in your performance!
1st Competition 090627
So the day started with a draw from the Hopper Deck and it was none other then “Grace.” The top three female times were Elissa, Kaila and Lisa (in that order) all of whom hit a P.R. for that workout! For the Men Big Mike smoked Grace setting a new gym record with a 2:24 time!! Ben and Mike N brought in second and third.

The second workout of our choosing was
400M sandbag carry @ 100/50
30 box jumps @ 30″/24″
30 Burpee Pullups
800M Run

It was a doozy but we saw some incredible efforts. Lisa had the best time for woman, followed closely by Elissa and Kaila. Ben took the best time for men, Mike N and Jeremy rounded out second and third. Honestly there was very little breathing room for these top places and NOBODY can afford to take it easy for the next competition.
Scoreboard 090627
Ben and Elissa, congratulations on winning our Furious Rubber Chicken Competition. You have the honor of holding the Rubber Chicken for the next month. Take good care of it and let it fuel every training session until then, for you are both targets now…

For the rest of us, lets get us some chicken!!!

We have one, maybe two spots open in the 7:30am On-Ramp course running these next two weeks. If you are interested let me know ASAP!

Thank you everybody who came out and participated or simply came to show your support. Your attendence and participation makes these events AMAZING! Until the next one, and it has also been suggested that we plan a paint ball trip….