Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, between the Fundraiser, School, Superbowl and everything else I just had to crash. Hopefully this will make up for it. First off group shot from Saturday courtesy of Dave Wagner, Thanks Dave!



What a great bunch of people!


Ok a few updates around the gym, 6am class is now 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. If you ever thought that you were not a morning person, wait till you meet me before the sun comes up…


Second, We are adding Jiu Jitsu to our list of offers and your potential skills. The pilot class starts this Wednesday at 7pm, is totally free and a great chance to come meet the instructor. I will personally be there so if you have a grudge over the warm ups, great chance to get your revenge!   



Third, I am going out of town this weekend to the Affiliate Gathering in Texas, so looks like the 10:30am class will be canceled on Friday. I will still teach the 6am and the rest are covered!    


Forth, we are killing the benchmark workouts lately, great job!    


2 Day collage


Those are shots from Todays wod (muscle ups) and yesterdays (Kelly). Have I ever mentioned what an agonizing workout Kelly is? Could you imagine doing it at like 7000′ elevation, like in Flagstaff for regionals??? YIKES! That thought kept me moving…    


Scoreboard 2-1 &2-2



I think Arizona has some of the coolest CrossFitters in the World!