The Saturday free 9am class was a hit once again today. This is seriously a great opportunity to get all those folks who have been asking you about what you have been doing, or just talking about getting in shape a chance to experience something different. It is also a great way to get back at someone who has done you dirty,  just tell them your gonna go for a little jog or something and maybe get some breakfast… whatever it takes!


Jiu Jitsu pilot class is on this Monday at 7pm, we will have another class most likely Thursday night as well.


So the edumacated discussion on genetics was kinda a bust, no worries. Something good that did come out of it was my call for article links. How about this, we will leave the writing to the professionals and simple read what they put!


I found this article through a link that was emailed to me. Ever wonder when and where people started to hate on dietary fat so much? It is written by the one man army Gary Taubes who is the author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories

Check out this video from the Stevens Institute of Technology by Gary Taubes titled “Big Fat Lies”