The weekends are really something else around the gym, for those of you Monday through Friday folks you should really give it a try. Its kinda like a big ol party while occasionally somebody works out!


If you are interested, there is a discussion on genetics from two days back in the comments, your thoughts and opinions are appreciated and encouraged. Maybe we can expand on it this next rest day… I mean where else can you have a serious discussion about primordial ooze and a sub 2 minute Fran at the same time! I have also added a “recent comments” widget on the right sidebar so we can quickly see who is saying what when new comments have been posted!


Jiu Jitsu tomorrow night, at 7pm. It is still free so now is your chance to check it out! That offer will not last much longer.


Speaking of friends and community, check out this odd couple(actually 3-some). Its a rat that rides a cat, and a cat that rides a dog!