So what are CrossFitters to do when we are out and about and need a quick snack?? You can always go to the deli counter, get some meat, grab an apple and a bag of almonds on the way out but thats like 20 minutes by the time its all said and done. Well over at Steves Club that have started packaging and selling “Paleo Kits!” The tag line is; Jerky, Nuts and Berries, Real food for real athletes! That is classic! I may just pick up a box, keep your eyes open for them around the gym…


BTW Steve’s club is a nonprofit operating in Camden New Jersey who teaches CrossFit to inner city youth… Read about it here.


1-13 Scoreboard and Collage

Watch the calender to your left, the gym will most likely be closed on Thursday during the 3pm hour. Don’t worry its a rest day! 



 Also, the 10:30am class is going to have to start 15 -20 minutes later next week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, forever… I am going back to school. We may just move it to 11am. More info at the gym.


Fundraiser! We are recieving registrations and are working on some type of prize for the winner, how about an empty keg!