Felt good getting back in the groove today, and cool to see everyone after the holiday. Today it was officially announced that CrossFit Fury will be having a New Years Eve party! We even have a workout in mind… more to come later!


I have seen people make some serious improvements over the years, one of the best has been watching Laurie transform over the LAST MONTH! Her progress is visible in every way and her performances rock! Great job Laurie and its a pleasure having you around!mvi_0843

I have a challenge for everyone… the prize is yet to be announced ( I know Angelia we still owe you breakfast from the last contest) The challenge is to tell me what the equation on the back of Nate’s shirt is… These were our Jerseys from a Flag football tournament, our team was Cross Phys-X!mvi_08391

Had a few stragglers come in and make up Tabata SE today. 




Peace out!