An interesting thought came to me today; no matter what your goals are; ie losing weight, gaining weight, or winning the CrossFit Games. We recommend the same nutrition plan, with slight individual variations and everybody wins. This shows our nutrition is not a diet in a classical sense (temporary deprivation) but a style of eating that will last a lifetime.

With that in mind, how are we to survive the holidays with friends and family without doubling our fran times? CrossFit NorCal has some good suggestions right here, the best of which “get rid of the guilt, enjoy the food, and get back on track.” Cheers to that!


Attention members: we need your input, I know we said that both pullup standards will count on the record board but how do we place someone with chin ups ahead of CTB pullups only because they finished a few seconds faster? We are now looking to you for advice. [polldaddy poll=1173866]

The standard is now in your hands…