We have decided to host a fundraiser with a competitive twist. Here’s the deal,

The theme is “Fittist Public Service” so LEO, Fire and Mil thats you.

The buy in is gonna be $25 and all the proceeds will go to a charity… and heres the fun part, the winner gets to choose which charity the proceeds will go to!

We are gonna contact some local businesses to see if they wanna throw in some prizes for top finishers but mainly your gonna represent what you put your life on the line for, and hopefully win some cash for something you stand for. More to come!



Ok everyone has been asking about the holiday schedule here it goes;


Wednesday (Christmas eve)- 10:30am and 3pm only

Thursday (Christmas day) open gym from 10am to 11am

Friday (rest day) -Closed

Saturday – Normal

The online schedule has been updated accordingly.

Pullups squats and situps

It was pretty busy around the gym today, it was really cool. We appreciate you guys coming in on your weekends to stay on schedule!


Remember the time trials need to be completed this week! Everyone completed is like a little (big) weight off your shoulders…



Christmas came early to the gym this year, look at what Santa dropped off. (guess he is into oly lifitng!)


Olympic Lifting posters

I dont know about you guys, but this pumpkin pie is killing me! HAPPY HOLIDAYS


L Sitsscore board 12-21