So I am critized quite regularly for ordering so many dumbells… “when are we gonna use all these dumbells?” they ask. FINALLY WE GOT TO!



The record boards where finally finished today! It is now time to start setting some CrossFit Fury 1sts. Fran, Nate, and Mr. Joshua all count so we will be going through the pics and putting names. The only requirements are; to do the wod as Rx’d(duh), in our gym, with one of us watching. We’ve debated making the pullup standard chest to bar, but I think we will only note it if you do, so it is not required… but honestly if your setting a bada$$ P.R. with regular pullups, you should bite the bullet and change your standard.


Since there was no description of how to carry the dumbell during the lunges, we felt overhead was  as good as any. ohh and I forgot to buy 50#dbs so we were stuck with 55#.