A day doesn’t pass in which I don’t think about the Games. Today’s workout brought vivid memories back, luckily we didn’t have to prep for another workout 4 hours later!

5 months and a 20 second imporvement....

5 months and a 20 second improvement....

 You know I enjoy going to the gym, playing sports and being active. I think everyone should find some form of exercise that benefits your health, is interesting, and most of all fun. At the same time I can definitely say that I NEVER feel this good about a workout!Burpee

The Pullup Standard is now set, voting is over. With 56% of the votes the only requirement is that your chin is above the bar and full ext at the bottom(obviously). Chest-to-bar pullups will be noted(and encouraged) but not required.


The month of January will be our official Grand Opening. We are planning a couple of events for the month which we will keep you posted on. Our current work is a Fitness Competition/Fundraiser with proceeds going to a local charity. We will have more on this by the end of the week. So keep training and no holiday cakes!


Snatch PracticeDeadlifts



Until Next Time