The New year is bringing new things, a new website; PR’s, people, workouts, and most of all opportunities! We are looking forward to everything that is in store for us.

In case you don’t know, we were in the West Valley View on Friday and they definitely did a great job on the story! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this weekend, and look forward to seeing you around the gym.

Heres the score board from the last two days

Scoreboard 12-19 & 12-20


Just a reminder about the New Years Eve get together, also we are enforcing that no one can participate in the Official New Years WOD without a designated driver! 


Time Trials started yesterday everyone is doing great so far.


Judo was a blast today, quite a technique and strength based sport. I kept rationalizing that it is similar to oly lifting, definitely requires that “core to extremity” power.

I think this is called "getting your ass kicked in your own house!"   

I think this is called “getting your ass kicked in your own house!”


Hey fellas, so Im searching all around for a good action picture from the Filthy 50 and this is the best that I got…   


Box Jumps


Luckily we know who to watch for the ACTION shots…



Box Jumps