Looks like I’m not the only one whose conscience is being weighed down by all those delicious cookies and wonderful pies that the holidays and family never seem to forget about!


The 9am class today was a blast, if today was your first exposure let me be the first to say, welcome to CrossFit! Safe travels to those who were just visiting, thanks for stopping by.


Free SatWarm Up


Scoreboard 12-27

Ok seriously lets get those dang time trials done this cycle, I swear once I get all your data, you will not hear of them for months.


This was day number 2 of my Judo experience and it is taking off! Our instructor has offered to have Judo included in a CrossFit Fury membership. That is way cool of him. My only suggestion is to check your ego and inhibitions at the door and give it a try!

Judo Time

Does anyone know what day of the week it is?