We always joke around the gym about the huge distance all of Warrens movements travel. Here is a prime example, that pullup bar directly behind him is exactly 8.5ft tall, the one to his right is 10.5 ft tall… We would all have to increase our loads by at least 10% to do equal amounts of work! Great job today Warren!


I would also like to mention that Rachel completed Helen today for the first time with real pullups! To top that off her time was only a minute or so slower then with jumping pullups!

Here is a video by Greg Glassman speaking on the Push Jerk


There is a Judo class in the works for CrossFit Fury, we will have a weeknight and Saturday class to start. The first Saturday class will be free so be sure to come down and check it out. I will post more info as it comes.

More great performances today…