So here comes our first week of business and things are looking really good! We had some initial interest in some A.M. classes, so we threw them on the schedule and haven’t heard much since. We will be there tomorrow at 5:30 am so if you were debating on it, please do. If needed, we may run this class on a “call ahead of time” basis. 

For those who haven’t seen it or don’t check the CrossFit Games site regularly, here is an excellent video of the mens 10:20 Deadlift Burpee heat from 2008 Games. 

 It is unreal how fast and strong these guys are, I mean that deadlift is over 2x Chris Speallers body weight… How fast can you jam out 25 reps of 2x body weight DLs without the 50 burpees let alone with them!

If anyone would be interested in martial arts or combat classes, please email or call me. It has been brought to our attention and sounds interesting…

Here’s a couple pics we snapped around the gym today


Smell ya later…