I got the idea for a standing Lynne when the bad asses over at CrossFit Phoenix did a standing Linda. Personally I think it was more mentally difficult because you can almost always get one more push press out… Great timesimg_0775


Next week we will have a 10:30am Class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know that we are usually prettly lax about coming in a few minutes late but I ask for this one please be on time! Also the schedule has been updated accordingly.


Today was the first day of our supplemental Olympic lifting and it went pretty well. We have hung a new white board up near the platforms to track our lifts.  Remember the goal here is to build skill and a foundation, no worries about going too heavy!







mvi_0774One last note, we will be installing our CrossFit Fury Official Record boards this weekend, so starting next week everyone better get their game faces on!