This is the dude right here… It was over two years ago Marcus and I started CrossFit in some run down gym thinking it was gonna be easy. Who woulda guessed where things would end up bud?


For the record, Marcus has claimed he will make an appearance every tuesday until the new year at which time he will be here full time! Lets hold him to it, I got his contact info if anyone wants it…

Unbelievable the turnout today! Honestly I dont think the new members know where the workouts are coming from, so please dont tell them or they may start missing specific days! Amanda, great to have you back, we have been missing a certain something since the move, It was definitely you! Todd From Honolulu, you freaking rocked man, they must know how to do it on the big island.

Our great friends up in Flagstaff are up for Best Gym of Flagstaff, If you have a couple minutes I ask that you go and vote, it took me about 3 minutes and these guys were major in our decision to open this box so send them some love.  Scroll all the way to the bottom, and just type in CrossFit Flagstaff where it says Best of Fitness Club…

Tomorrow is a rest day but we will be open if you wanna come in and work on your burpees or something!

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