You know during our transition into the gym, there was one workout, just one little workout I would of happily skipped due to ghds being in boxes, or painting needing to be done, or really anything at all. I swear I have done this workout like 50 times! It never gets better, it only gets worse and one of my favorite lines for someone doing their first version of this WOD is “hope nothing funny happens tomorrow” they usually look at me like I’m crazy or stupid or both, but within 24hrs I think they get it.

So today’s 3pm, 5:30HG and 6pm classes were a blast! Everyone really put out today, a good friend Alfred found his way back to the gym, and all the other tenants in the complex are beginning to realize we are as crazy as they thought!

The 5:30am class is now on call first basis, please call by 6pm the previous night and we will be there!

Tomorrow will be kinda weird because its a rest day and most of the current members follow the the Mainsite WOD, but we will be there as scheduled.

Happy voting tomorrow!