After the wonderful weekend and spending time with friends and family it is time to get back on the grind. Apologies for the lack of posts, been traveling, and making some improvements around the gym so the camera kept getting left in the corner. 


Record boards are up but not finished, We will be ready to put some names up there tomorrow!


Here is an interesting article relating a childs health and longevity to the amount of risk they experience, and its not the correlation you would expect! Hit me with your thoughts, especially you parents out there.


Seriously if you guys have not watched the video “CrossFit Fury: The making” that was posted on Nov 26th (two posts back) Watch it now! It is pretty cool, all we need to do is clean up some of the scenes and it is ready for Hollywood! Around the 1st of the year we will have a full version that goes from construction to present day.


10:30 AM class starts tomorrow, be there or be square!


Here are white boards form the previous two days I did manage to snap. Have a great night!