It is hard to comprehend everything that has happened over the last year, everyone we have met, the decisions we have made, and to see it take shape today was amazing. Thank you everyone who has been a part of this, your support, advice, ideas and encouragement has helped turn a dream into reality!

The 9am free class went off with out a hitch, big shout out to Keller Wiliams Reality for making a great showing today! You guys are going down in history as our first victims ever, you should feel proud!

10am CrossFit WOD rocked! We had great turnout from the science geeks (biology included), and got to meet Brian, who by the end of the day felt like he’d been around for the last year. We look forward to many more workouts.

I need to mention that the performance of the day goes to Micheal D for a  thruster @ 195#, which is 25# over body weight!!! This freaking guy is gonna be a monster!

On a side note, we have added a “hard gainers” class to our schedule, its been moved around a little bit but is settling in at Monday and Friday afternoon from 5:30 to 6:30 and will not interfere with the 6pm regular class. The concept behind it is to build confidence, form, and strength with the various barbell movements. It is open to all and begins this Monday 11-3.

Peace, love and rock & roll…