Everything is moving along as scheduled, painting is practicly finished, most of the equipment is in, and we made huge headway with our pullup bars. It was great meeting the new faces this weekend, sorry we were so filthy and preoccupied, but I totally appreciate it and encourage anyone interested to stop by and check it out!

As I have already mentioned to a few people, we are planning a bbq on Friday, October 24th as a kinda get to know you and us. We will either have a WOD or some Oly lifting (leaning towards the Oly) going on before hand and then some food. We’ll get the times on Friday official by the end of the week, I would plan on between 5 and 7pm. Leave a comment or let me know in person if you are interested in coming!

Now to the main event of the post… NEW PICTURES!!

the masterpiece...

the masterpiece...