Thanks to everyone who showed up last night, we had an excellent time and I don’t think it could have been better. It is really cool how large the CrossFit community is out here on the west side, hopefully we will make it even larger in the next few years.

Gotta hand it to Brit and Leah, somehow they got suckered into doing Fran… with no notice, after they had started eating. You girls ROCK!

Towards the end of the night the guys decided to workout as well. Wanted to make use of the new equipment so it was: 5rds, 500m row, 5 body weight cleans, 1 23′ rope climb. Seriously this was like my first real workout since we got the gym Oct 1st.

So we’ve been shown some interest in having a kids program, we are looking into it as we speak.

Here is a poll to help us with the schedule for the weekdays. [polldaddy poll=1042099[polldaddy poll=1042099][polldaddy poll=1042099]

If none of these times fit your schedule please contact me and we will work something out.

Saturday and sunday we will host free classes at 9am.

If anyone has any questions about us or our gym, please call or email. Our first official workout will be on Saturday November 1st at 9am. It will be a free workout, so if your debating the idea of if you’d like to join, It will be an excellent opportunity to check things out first hand.